There are three accommodation options during the festival:

You can book a room in one of the guest houses in the nearby villages of Tosor or Tamga. In guest houses there is the possibility of accommodation in rooms for a different number of people - from two to eight. You can book one place in a shared room or a private room. Many rooms have their own bathrooms but there are also houses with shared showers and toilets. The festival area is an average of 5-15 minutes by car. Between the villages and the festival, many paid taxis operate around the clock.
Yurt camps are yurts located in a protected area - very colorful, filled with original objects, colorful and authentic. You can book one place in a shared yurt or the entire yurt for your company. The maximum number of places in yurts is 8. There are yurt camps with toilets and showers outside, there are also camps where each yurt has its own showers and toilets. The reservation includes breakfast in a shared yurt, which in itself will be an interesting experience for any guest. Most yurt camps are within walking distance to the festival area - about 5-10 minutes. Some are 10 minutes away by car.
We also offer you to book a paid place for a tent at the festival. The payment for places for tents on the festival territory is due to the fact that the number of showers and toilets is limited. There will also be free electricity and lighting at the campsite. Each tent in the paid area will receive its own distinctive sticker. Tents without stickers will be dismantled by the guards. We thank you in advance for your understanding.
The cost of 1 place for a tent for two nights and three days is 1500 soms