Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Kөlfest. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to email us at kolfestkg@gmail.com.
Where to buy offline tickets?
You can purchase tickets and accommodation at the following address: Bishkek, 123 Sydykova Street, from 10 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Fri).
You can also reserve tickets and ask your questions by phone/WhatsApp at +996552448470 or via email at kolfestkg@gmail.com.
You can buy tickets and accommodation online HERE.
What is included in the ticket price for KOLFEST?
The ticket grants you access to the festival grounds and full access to the festival program and all its guest areas an unlimited number of times throughout its duration, specifically from July 19, 2024, at 18:00 until July 21, 2024, at 18:00.

  • ‑ Entrance for all three days of the festival.
  • ‑ Access to all music stages.
  • ‑ Participation in masterclasses.
  • ‑ Spiritual practices and sports activities: meditation, yoga, nail standing, etc.
  • ‑ Entrance to the gallery.
  • ‑ Film screenings by young directors in the cinema.
  • ‑ Visiting impressive light and art installations.
  • ‑ Fashion show viewing.
  • ‑ Opportunity to listen to interesting international speakers at the forum and participate in prize draws from our partners.
  • ‑ Visiting the Skazka Canyon and the beach within a five-minute walk from the main festival location.

Food and drinks can be purchased on the festival grounds. Transfer and accommodation are purchased separately.
Where does KOLFEST take place?
KOLFEST 2024 will take place on July 19, 20, 21 at the Southern Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, within the territory of the yurt camp Royal Gate and Skazka Park near the village of Tosor.

Address: Southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, Tonsky district, yurt camp Royal Gate Skazka Canyon.

Coordinates: 42.173578851228235, 77.35613499032704.

From our office in Bishkek (Sydykova Street 123) to the festival location is 301 km, which is a 4 hours and 48 minutes drive.
How to get to the festival venue from Bishkek, Almaty, or Tashkent?
From Bishkek, Almaty, and Tashkent, we organize transfers on comfortable buses and minibuses. The transfer is provided to the festival venue and back. To book a transfer, please contact us by phone +996552448470

The transfer from Bishkek will be provided from our office at Sydykova Street 123.

We are also pleased to announce that during the festival days, there will be transfers from the village of Tosor. You can find the current schedule of transfers on our Instagram: @kolfest Taxi services will be available around the clock from accommodations near the festival.

Additionally, you can reach the festival by your own car; the festival venue is located at the entrance to the Skazka Canyon.
What about accommodation?
During the festival, you have several accommodation options available:
  1. Yurts on the festival grounds. Accommodation includes two nights and three days in a four-person yurt (toilet and shower facilities are available on the festival grounds).
  2. Guesthouses in nearby villages. You can reserve a separate room for yourself. Most rooms have their own shower and toilet.
  3. Tent camp near the festival – one minute walk from the location (toilet and shower facilities are available on the festival grounds).

You can book these types of accommodation online on our website in the "Accommodation" section, and you can also get consultation by phone/WhatsApp at +996552448470. Accommodation options in guesthouses and yurt camps around the festival grounds can be viewed at the following link: [Accommodation Options](https://www.kolfest.com/accommodationru.html). You can also receive personal consultation and all the information you need at our office located at Sadykova Street 123.
What about food and drinks at the festival?
On the festival grounds, there will be a food court offering international and traditional cuisine. It will feature Kyrgyz dishes prepared by locals as well as food trucks from restaurants in Bishkek and Almaty. Additionally, vegetarian options will be available at the food court.
You can also visit 3 bars on the festival grounds. Several cafes from Bishkek will offer coffee, lemonades, juices, and fresh juices. Clean water will be easily accessible in many locations.
We strive to maintain reasonable prices at all food courts and bars.
Do lockers exist at the festival venue?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer lockers at the festival area, but they are available at the yurt camps or guest houses.
Can I bring children with me?
We do not recommend bringing children with you.
Regarding parking at the festival?
Parking near the festival venue will be free of charge. However, the organizers of KOLFEST are not responsible for the safety and security of vehicles.
We strongly recommend using transfers from Bishkek, Almaty, or Tashkent.
During the festival, transfers will be available from guesthouses in the village of Tosor. Taxi services will also be available.
Will there be security?
The festival area will be guarded by police officers, emergency services, and private security personnel.
However, you are responsible for the safety of your personal belongings.
All guests will be checked for the presence of their own alcohol and any other prohibited substances.
Medical and emergency assistance will be available throughout the festival.
Will there always be medical assistance available?
As in previous years, there will be an ambulance on duty at the festival.
First aid supplies (analgin, activated charcoal, etc.) are allowed only in closed factory packaging, all other medications are allowed only with a prescription.
Can I bring my own food and alcohol?
No, we do not allow bringing your own food to the festival grounds. Any alcoholic beverages are also prohibited.
We take responsibility for the quality of food and drinks at the festival. If we allow guests to bring their own food and drinks, in case of poisoning during the festival, it will be difficult for us to determine the true cause. We hope for your understanding.
What is the festival schedule and map?
Information about performances by day and the festival map will be available approximately 2-3 weeks before the start of KOLFEST - we will definitely announce the information in the news on the website and in social networks.
How to become a festival partner?
We are always open to partnership proposals. We are looking for partners in the following areas: musicians, art groups and artists, filmmakers, volunteers, workshop instructors and spiritual practitioners, sponsors, bloggers, press, fashion designers, food court partners, platform construction partners, press, photographers, videographers, market sellers.
You can fill out the appropriate form here.
Can I make a bonfire at the festival?
We take fire safety at the festival very seriously, so making fires, bringing any flammable devices onto the premises, including all tent campsites on the festival grounds and parking lot, is strictly prohibited.
Gas burners are prohibited on the open-air premises by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. We hope for your understanding.
Why should I go to the KOLFEST festival?
You should go to KOLFEST for its aesthetics and unique atmosphere. For extraordinary new developing experiences combining music, cosmic nature, art, and interesting people from different countries.
To see art installations, listen to performances by knowledgeable speakers at the forum, discuss, express yourself.
To dance to quality electronic music, listen to sets from international DJs. To be inspired by the performances of talented musicians from Central Asia and the world.
To participate in workshops and walk through themed camps.
To meet the dawn after lighting a bonfire to enchanting chill-out music and meet people on the same wavelength.
To spend three days at an unusual event and enjoy the beauty of combining different forms of art, communicate with people from different parts of the planet. In comfortable conditions. On the shore of one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the world, Issyk-Kul, in beautiful Kyrgyzstan.
To experience a magical space tale in reality - to get into a fantastic movie with interesting characters and unique art objects.
You should go if you have an inner need for a special cultural vibe. In beauty. And in developing personality impressions.
  1. Early bird tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other persons.
  2. In case the festival is postponed due to force majeure tickets are valid for the next KOLFEST or 50% of the ticket price be refunded.
  3. The e-ticket code will be checked on entry. Only ticket holder can use the ticket.
  4. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. Children over the 13 years of age must have a ticket.
  5. Parents are responsible for children throughout the festival.
  6. The Festival reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and to vary the advertised programs and timings without being liable to pay compensation.
  7. The festival may refuse admission or eject a ticket holder for unreasonable or dangerous behaviour.
  8. Unauthorized camping on the festival ground is not permitted.
  9. Parking on the festival area is not permitted
  10. Bringing own alcohol is not permitted.
  12. No weapons are permitted.
  13. Ticket holders are subject to search by security at the entrance.
  14. The festival is not responsible or liable for any self inflicted injuries or accidents on the festival site.